Unresectable Liver Tumors

Treatment with the Intera 3000 Pump and floxuridine combined with systemic chemotherapy can increase overall survival when compared to systemic chemotherapy alone for patients with unresectable colorectal cancer metastases (CLM) without extra-hepatic disease.

A study at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center found that patients with unresectable liver metastases who received an Intera 3000 pump with floxuridine and systemic chemotherapy survived 17.5 months longer than patients treated with systemic chemotherapy alone.

Adjuvant Therapy

In a case-control study of 86 patients with liver only colorectal cancer metastases (CLM):

  • Patients treated with the Intera 3000 Pump with floxuridine and systemic chemotherapy had a median overall survival of 32.8 months vs 15.3 months for patients treated with systemic chemotherapy alone(p < 0.0001).
  • While this was not a randomized controlled trial, both groups of patients were similar in demographics, had extensive disease in the liver, and had received prior systemic chemotherapy. When comparing groups the following characteristics were similar (p > 0.05) 
    • Liver tumor burden: median number of lesions in the HAI group of 13.5 vs. 15 in the non-HAI
    • percentage of liver tumor replacement was 37.5 in the HAI vs. 40 % in the non-HAI
    • Size of largest lesion was 5.6 in the HAI vs. 6 cm in the non-HAI[1]


[1] Dhir M, Jones HL, Shuai Y, et al : Hepatic Arterial Infusion in Combination with Modern Systemic Chemotherapy is Associated with Improved Survival Compared with Modern Systemic Chemotherapy Alone in Patients with Isolated Unresectable Colorectal Liver Metastases: A Case–Control Study. Ann Surg Oncol (2017) 24 :150-158

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